fischer fixings, as an innovator and the world’s largest fixings manufacturer, one thing we have learnt above all else is the need to train and educate people who are involved with fixings. As the product ranges available become more specialised and diversified, the need for training continues to grow. This has become even more apparent as more complex and sophisticated design methods have been introduced, in line with the advent of CDM regulations. This put more pressure on specifiers who must be aware of the implications of specifying a particular product in a correct manner.

Each year members of fischer UK Technical Department trained more than 1,200 users and specifiers. Various training sessions are available and these can be tailored to individual needs.

In House Seminars

These training seminar have been developed to address the needs of fixing distributors and end users.
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Continual Professional Development Seminars

fischer UK is accredited by The Construction CPD Certification Service and offers approved CPD accredited training seminars.
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External Seminars

We offer seminars held at your company's permisis or a location convenient to suit the needs of your staff or students.
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Site Demo, Toolbox Talks and Installation Training

The technical team are often called on-site to provide installers with a tool box talk which can be as simple as offering standard product installation advice or more comprehensive training when dealing with particularly challenging installations and applications. The benefit of this on-site advice is the renewed confidence of the user to ensure approved installation methods are followed and they comply with BS8539. 
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Online Seminar Portal

Technology now allows us to offer everyone the same training from anywhere in the world, at a time to suit you. Therefore to help you with your training remotely, we offer trainings via our e-learning platforms and pre-recorded sessions. 
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Your contact persons for technical advice

Technical Support 

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