Gas Actuated Fastening Tool


1. Easy nail depth adjustment, no tool required, for various applications. Light weight, ergonomic design with excellent line of sight.

2. High-grip nose for optimised working precision.

3. The protective cap can be used to protect the timber surface in visible areas.

4. Adjustable hook for use as a belt or rafter hook.

5. Wide range of ring and smooth shank nails (50-90mm length) for various applications. Max. capacity up to 60 nails.

6. Quick push load magazine for easy nail insertion. Suitable for D-headed nails. The safety clip prevents the nails from falling out and ensures safe reinsertion.

7. Powerful, quick charge, rechargeable battery with Lithium-Ion power. Battery LED status display for high productivity with more than 8,000 fixings per charge.

8. High performance gas fuel cell, operates down to -15°C with more than 1,100 fixings per fuel cell.


The fischer gas actuated fastening tool is suitable for a fast and reliable installation of wood framing or roof battens.
For optimum installation, the tool must be positioned correctly on the working surface.
The tool will operate within the temperature range of -7°C to +50°C.
The tool has a weight of 3.8kg and has the following dimensions: L 390 mm x W 108 mm x H 381 mm.
F&B 1 battery 1080p

Advantages at a glance:

The 95 joules power of the fischer gas actuated fastening tool FGW 90F ensures correct penetration into the working surface. The rate of fire of up to 2-3 fixings per second increases the productivity.
Easy nail depth adjustment switch – allows you to choose how to set the nails – flush or fully embedded for various applications.
The FGW 90F has a long life capacity and durability with service intervals after every 30,000 fixings (following manufacturers cleaning guide).
The wide range of nails provides a perfect match for solid wood, laminated timber, plywood as well as chipboard, fiberboard and veneer materials.
Increased productivity due to the powerful rechargeable battery with Li-Ion power that enables more than 8,000 fixings with one charge (following manufacturers cleaning guide) and is also compatible with the FGC 100. The battery-LED displays the remaining battery power and the status of the tool, preventing a standstill on site.
In case the battery starts to run out, a 10 minute charge allows you to shoot at least another 300 nails. To fully charge the battery it takes 90 minutes (under standard conditions).
Adjustable hook for use as belt or a rafter hook to ensure safe storage of the tool when not in use.
The FGW 90F is delivered in the strong, robust XL-BOXX.


Timber Framing

For fast and reliable fixing in timber framing.

Roof Battens

The ability to use fixings in fast frequency enables to get the work done quickly - 3 per second.

External Cladding

Protective cap to protect timber surfaces in visible areas e.g. external cladding. 

Stud Work

The FGW 90F has perfect balance in overhead fixings.


Easy and exact nail depth adjustments for various applications.

Over Boarding

The FGW 90F is suitable to cover insulation fills.

Truss Work

High-grip nose for optimum precision while working.


For fixing boards to floors.


The FGW 90F is suitable for numerous applications.