FiXperience Offline
The Offline Suite

Offline Suite


For the dimensioning of steel and bonded anchors in concrete as well as injection systems in masonry.

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The app for the design of façade fixing with timber sub-structure.

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The app for the calculation of installation systems.


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To determine the injection resin volume for bonded anchors in concrete.

Elektronischer Planungsordner

Alle für die Planung erforderlichen Dokumente wie Zulassungen, Brandschutzprüfungen, Vorschriften u.v.m in einer App

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For the design of railings on reinforced concrete slabs and staircases.

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For the design and calculation of post-installed rebars in reinforced concrete construction.

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The app for the design of onrafter installation systems and nodes in timber construction.


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Download and System requirements FiXperience

In order to have the best performance and thus generate the maximum benefit for our customers, we always work with the latest and best systems in the field of software development.

Thereby, we achieve a higher speed during the downloads and updates and a better performance during the usage of our programs. Furthermore, we developed three ways of downloads, whereby each doing full justice to a particular group of users.  


Offline Installation (CD Version)

This version contains a complete CD version, which receives always an update if the software is getting an update. Therefore, you can keep FIXPERIENCE also current if the computer with the software can not be connected to the internet. We recommend this type of download for individual position computers which can not be connected to the internet.

Download offline installation

MSI Network-package for administrators (network-version)​

This version is intended for network administrators who roll out the software in their network or work with terminal servers.

Download MSI Network-package

Online Installer (individual position version)

This version contains the new FiXperience "Web-Installer". The download size amounts here only 14 MB. During the installation, the software gets itself further needed components from the fischer server. If you decide to download also the CAD offline module, the download size increases to approx. 540 MB. If the always integrated CAD online mode is sufficient, we always recommend to apply the smaller download size. We recommend this type of download for an individual position computer, which can always be connected to the internet.

Download individual place version

System requirements

Main memory: Min. 2048MB (2GB)
Operating systems: Windows Vista® (Service Pack 2) Windows® 7 (Service Pack 1) Windows® 8 Windows® 10
Notes: The actual system requirements will vary based on your system configuration and your operating system.