fischer ZYKON drill bit FZUB 12 x 50

Special drill for creating undercut drill holes.

Art.-No. 60627
Top Features
  • SDS-Plus adapter.
  • High-quality, durable design.

Product Description

Special drill bit for creating undercut drill holes in concrete for processing the Zykon undercut anchors FZA, FZA-I, and FZEA. Drill bit with stop plate and joint for quick, approval-compliant creation of conical undercut drill holes.
  • The special FZUB drill enables a fast installation by creating the undercut drill hole (undercut) without a tool change. Suitable for undercut anchors FZA, FZA-I, FZA-D, and FZEA II.
  • With the extra tool FXE Plus, once the anchor has been placed in the drill hole, the expansion sleeve on the undercut anchors is driven over the cone and the undercut drill hole is filled with a positive fit.

Assembly Instruction


Technical Data

Technical Data

Working length 50 [mm]
Matching anchor type FZA 12 x 50 M8, FZA 12 x 50 M8 D/10, FZA 12 x 50 M6 I
Drill diameter 12 [mm]
Amount 1 [pcs.]
GTIN (EAN-Code) 4006209606278