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Holding clamp DVN

The installation-friendly insulation clamp

The fischer holding clamp DVN is ideal for fixing pressure-resistant insulation boards on timber constructions and ceiling undersides. The shape of the DVN allows for a hidden installation and creates a homogeneous surface. The claw-shaped holding clamp is made from high-quality Sendzimir-galvanised steel and guarantees a permanent fixing. It is fixed with the galvanised nails provided in the set.

Product Description

  • The holding clamp DVN allows for a hidden installation for a homogeneous surface.
  • The complete fixing system, comprising the clamp and zinc-plated nails, allows for an immediate installation in line with building requirements.
  • The Sendzimir-galvanised steel claw allows for durable use for the secure anchoring of pressure-resistant insulation materials.

Available Product Variants

2 Product variant (s) found

2 Product variant (s) found

For insulation thickness
Art.-No. 047240

up to 60 [mm]

Folding box

250 [pcs.]


Art.-No. 047243

from 80 [mm]

Folding box

250 [pcs.]


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Application and Permission

  • To fix pressure-resistant insulation materials (e.g. polystyrene, PU panels, glass foam boards) onto timber sub-structures, predominantly in the ceiling area
Building materials
  • Wooden materials
  • Wooden panel materials
You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.

Assembly Instruction

  • The holding clamp is fixed with the supplied nails on the wooden substrate with a hammer.
  • The points of the holding clamp DVN are pushed into the slot side of the insulating board until it is held securely.
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