fischer Hole punch LZ

Robust hole punch for punching holes in corrugated sheets.

Art.-No. 79830
Top Features
  • A long lever enables holes to be easily punched.
  • Interchangeable hole punch increases service life of trapezoidal sheet metal pliers.

Product Description

The fischer hole stamp FZ is a tool for stamping holes in trapezoidal sheets and trapezoidal ceilings.
  • The hole punch LZ enables easy handling during use.
  • Thanks to the long lever, only a little force is required to use it.
  • The LST hole stamp can be replaced if it shows signs of wear.
  • Usable for trapezoidal steel sheets with max. width of 100mm
  • Max. sheet thickness 1,25 mm
  • Hole punch diameter 10 mm
  • Adjustable depth stop for accurate adjustment
  • Stamp with ejector springs for easy ejection of stamps from metal sheet
  • Rubber handles for better grip
  • Long lever and hinges for better power transmission

Application and Permission

  • Tool for punching holes in trapezoidal steel sheets

Assembly Instruction


Technical Data

Technical Data

Hole punch diameter 10 [mm]
Opening width 100 [mm]
Amount 1 [pcs.]
GTIN (EAN-Code) 4006209798300