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T-head bolt FHS Clix

Hammer-head bolt for quick and easy fixing in FLS channels

The fischer T-head bolt FHS Clix is a fixing element for securely connecting pipe clamps with the fischer mounting channel system FLS. The T-head bolt FHS Clix is securely connected by means of a 90° rotation. The FHS Clix is available in the sizes M8 and M10 and in the lengths 30 to 100 mm. The special contact tongue on the FHS Clix ensures the required contact pressure of the fixing element in the FLS channel in order to ensure safe adjustment during assembly. In addition, the pronounced teeth in the channel nut enable precise and safe positioning in the FLS mounting channels and make the installation process easier. The galvanized zinc version is suitable for installation in buildings. The fire protection certificate provides added safety in the case of the channel nut.

Product Description

  • The special spring leg at the FHS Clix guarantees the necessary contact pressure of the connector to the channel to help for a secure adjustment during installation.
  • The teeth on the sliding nut enable an exact and secure positioning in the FLS channel and ease the installation of connector elements.
  • The clix-connector element with 90°-turn for connecting enables an easy post-installation in set channels to save time and money.
  • The especially developed stop element on the FHS Clix connector guaraneies the accurate 90°-turn of the connectors in the channel to ensure a safe and precise installation.
  • Material channel nut: steel S420MC (material no.: 1.0980) acc. DIN EN 10149-2
  • Material cover plate: steel S235JR+CR (material no.: 1.0037) acc. DIN 1652
  • Material threaded rod: steel acc. DIN 976-2, min. 4.6 (DIN EN ISO 898-1)
  • Material hexagonal nut: steel acc. DIN 934-4 min. 4.8 (DIN EN ISO 898-2 table 4 stability)
  • Material plasic cage: polypropylene PP, item number 11400, Color black
  • Zinc plating: electro zinc-plated, min. 5 µm acc. DIN EN ISO 4042

Available Product Variants


Application and Permission

  • Connection of pipe clamps and mounting rails
For Details see corresponding Documents

Assembly Instruction

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