Perforated steel banding LBV / LBK

Perforated steel banding LBV / LBK for the fast fixing of pipelines

The fischer perforated steel banding LBV / LBK is suitable for the easy fixing of pipelines to the substrate. The perforated tape can be flexibly adjusted in line with any pipe diameter. It can be cut to size using sheet metal shears. It can be fixed to the floor with the fischer impact nail ED. fischer offers the perforated tape in a zinc-plated or plastic-coated version with different tape widths from 12 to 27 mm. The galvanized zinc version is suitable for installation in buildings.

Product Description

  • The perforated tape's material thicknesses and plastic covering allows the tapes to be easily cut to size using metal shears.
  • The perforated tape's hole geometry enables concrete fixing using the fischer impact nail ED.
  • Material: steel DX51D+Z (material no. 1.0226) acc. to DIN EN 10327
  • Zinc plating: electro zinc-plated, min. 7 µm
  • Protective coating LBK: PE

Available Product Variants


Application and Permission

  • Steel tape with stamped holes for simple installation; available zinc-plated LBV or plastic-covered LKB
  • The fischer nail anchor FNA II is suitable for ceiling fixing in concrete
  • Use fischer thread hanger RAH for fastening to threaded rods