SX Plus.

When progress takes hold.

SX becomes SX Plus.

What makes the new fischer SX Plus so special compared to its predecessor? Mainly its special fixing wings. It is the first plug on the market to allow prefixation of the screw for free hands during installation. Its narrow plug shape also simplifies the setting process in the drill hole – with up to 30 percent less effort than before.

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The screw firmly in the grip.

1 – Convenience
Screw pre-fixing allows free hands during installation.

2 – Holding power

The professional plug for all solid building materials thanks to its 4-way expansion.

3 - Speed

The narrow plug shape ensures a simple and quick assembly process.

4 - Flexibility

The flexible plug edge allows pre-positioned and push-through installation.

5 - Variety

The long version enables the use in problematic building materials and for plaster bridging.

SX Plus
Hands free - with the specialist for solid building materials.

The advantages at a glance.

Because you want the easiest installation.
The special fixing wings of the expansion plug SX Plus prefix the screw. For a hands-free setting process – especially useful for overhead applications.
Because you deserve the best hold.
Optimum force transmission into the building material and high holding values in solid and perforated building materials due to the 4-way expansion of the SX Plus.
Because you want to finish the job quickly.
Due to the narrow shape of the expansion plug SX Plus, only a few light hammer hits are needed for fast installation.
Because you only work with professionals.
The expansion plug SX Plus with innovative fixing wings is your specialist for solid building materials and perfectly suited for overhead applications.
Because you don’t want to spin out.
The expansion plug SX Plus with innovative fixing wings provides a noticeable tightening torque, therefore preventing overtightening of the screw.
Because you deserve a clean result.
No expansion forces on the building material surface and no chipping of tiles and plaster thanks to the expansion-free plug neck of the SX Plus.
Because slipping too deep is not an option.
For secure installation to prevent slipping too deep into the drill hole, thanks to the pronounced plug edge of the expansion plug SX Plus
Because you can solve any problem.
The long version of the expansion plug SX Plus with innovative fixing wings is perfectly suited for problematic building materials.




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