fischer MS Adhesive Range

fischer MS Adhesive Range

Adhesive bonding is gaining more and more importance as an alternative to traditional fixing methods within the building sector. The reasons lie with the various advantages of adhesive bonding, which are described below. 

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Advantages of MS Adhesive

Additional functions
Sealing and corrosion resistance protection. Electrical insulation.
Combination of different materials
Complex designs are more easily achieved. Absorbs shock and variation. The bonding of thin materials is possible
Maximum safety
No joints are weakened from drilling, tapping in nails or welding. The distribution of force speads over an entire surface, reducing stress and preventing materials from cracking or splitting.
Quicker installation
Less preparation time
Easy Installation
Apart from the dispenser gun, no other tools are required.

fischer ToolBox Talks on the MS Hybrid Range

Learn about the NEW MS Hybrid range with Social Influencer 'Liam the Plumber'. The video covers product details and sizes, product installation, technical information and a summary.

fischer ToolBox Talks on the MS Hybrid Range