fischer UltraCut FBS II CP

Concrete Screw

fischer FBS II CP

Your advantages at a glance

Additional Protection:
The innovative surface coating guarantees an additional protection (approved through salt spray test over 2.000h – with external test certificate).
High Quality Coating:
The high quality of the coating from our FBS II CP is also proved by the external conducted Nordtest Method NT MAT 003-2002-05.
ETA Approved in Cracked & Non-Cracked Concrete:
The ETA-Assessment Option 1 guarantees for the usage in cracked- and non-cracked concrete for the highest safety requirements.
ETA C1 & C2 Seismic Approved:
The Seismic C1 + C2 approved concrete screw assures highest safety standards even in earthquake regions (covered by the ETA).
Fast & Deep Cutting:
The special ratio between flank and shaft diameter allows a deep and fast cutting into the concrete.
High Tensile Loads:
The special thread geometry ensures highest tensile loads for less fixing points.

Corrosion performance

Neutral Salt Spray Test after DIN EN ISO 9227

Corrosion performance in outdoor areas

Suitable for the anchoring in dry conditions:

  • Railings
  • Site facilities
  • Façade substructures
  • Steel girders
  • Consoles
  • Base plates
  • Beam anchorage 

Assessment / Approvals

  • European Technical Assessment for cracked concrete Option 1 (ETA-15/0352) for dry internal conditions!
  • Seismic performance category C2
  • Fire resistance R 120
  • VDS approval
  • External report for Nordtest Method NT MAT 003-2002-05 - DIN EN ISO 11997-1 Zyklus B: 2018-01
  • External report for Swedish Technical Approval 0075/05 based on Nordtest
  • Salt Spray Test (NSS-Test after DIN EN ISO 9227)

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