Anchor with a smart bite
fischer DuoXpand
Anchor with a smart bite

fischer DuoXpand at a glance

  1. The clever combination of design and material bites perfectly into all building materials for universal use.
  2. The special lamella geometry expands gently in the building material and avoids fractures in porous building materials. Thus, anchoring close to the edge is possible without any problems.
  3. The grey main body made of high quality nylon provides strong hold, while the flexible, red material component ensures optimal spreading.
  4. Countersunk head screw and conically shaped plug rim are especially suited for wooden constructions.

  1. The ribs on the sides prevent rotation in the drill hole for a functionally safe assembly.
  2. The expansion element with two anchorage depths enables flexible use in all building material classes according to ETA.
  3. Two additional anchorage depths of 140 and 160 mm allow safe anchoring in perforated materials with large cavities.
  4. The wide plug rim avoids contact corrosion and seals the drill hole for a permanently secure fixing.
  5. The FUS version with hexagon head screw and moulded washer is perfect for metal constructions.

fischer DuoLine

The DuoXpand is the fifth member of the innovative DuoLine product family. The clever combination of materials and function enables new functional principles and application possibilities compared to usual solutions. The function-optimised design makes the DuoLine members the most powerful product in their category. You too can discover the many advantages of the DuoLine.

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