The versatile with multiple anchorage depth

Frame fixing SXRL

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The fischer frame fixing SXRL is the most versatile element in the assortment. The excellent retention values in all building materials, up to three anchorage depths, diameters of 8 mm, 10 mm and 14 mm and fixing lengths of up to 360 mm enable a wide range of applications. The European Technical Approval governs multiple use for the fixing of non-structural systems in concrete, masonry and aerated concrete. The SXRL 10 is also approved as single-point fixing in concrete and the SXRL 14 for stand-off installations of façades. The SXRL is offered with fischer safety screws made from zinc-plated steel and stainless steel and with a countersunk head and hexagonal head with moulded washer. The two expansion elements combine to form one long expansion element in aerated concrete and solid building materials. In the case of fixings in thin-walled perforated brick, the first expansion zone expands at the first fillet and spreads between the first and second fillet. The second expansion zone only expands slightly at the second fillet, and does not start to spread until behind the fillet.