The universal cleaner for fresh PU foam and the degreasing of non-absorbent surfaces

The fischer PU-cleaner is a high-performance universal cleaner for fresh PU foam soiling. The can has a thread and spray head, and fits into all commercially available PU foam guns. The PU-cleaner prevents the clogging of foam guns after use and ensures lasting usability if cleaning takes place regularly. It can also be used as a spray can for surface cleaning and degreasing thanks to the provided spray head. It can remove dyes, oils, greases, resins, tar, bitumen, silicone and lubricants.

Product Description

  • The active components ensure a high cleaning effect, making the cleaner ideal for the safe removal of fresh PU foam.
  • The gun adapter is suitable for all standard systems and enables universal application.
  • The separate spray head allows for the cleaning of external surfaces, making the product extremely versatile.
  • The highly active cleaner can etch sensitive surfaces (paint, dye, textiles, plastics). Thus you should always conduct preliminary tests.

Available Product Variants

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1 Product variant (s) found

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