The web has increasingly become an important aspect of every type of business. We are even seeing this steadily increase in the world of construction. At fischer, we have developed many opportunities for our customers to take advantage of to increase their searchability and online sales.

fischer e-Commerce has provided multiple options for customers such as Retail Connect, Online Marketing assistance and the e-Commerce Partnership.

Retail Connect is a free service through our partners at nexMart that connect the fischer website to a distributor’s online shop. This allows a fischer website visitor who is looking at a product to be provided with a list of places that sell that product. They are then able to purchase the product directly through the distributor’s online shop. The visitor is provided with the list of distributors who have gone through our Retail Connect set-up.

e-Commerce Partner Concept is a well-developed partnership that gives a distributor the opportunity to be present on all fischer online sites, dropshipment enrolment, online marketing package and others. Our goal with the partnership is to provide our distributors with the information that they would need to successfully market themselves with fischer. Other benefits include: increasing their online sales revenue with the fischer brand, reach a larger customer base for free, receive the latest fischer services, EDI integration, sell the entire fischer product range risk free, and many more.

If you are interested in any of the services listed above please contact our e-Commerce department for more information. We would be available to schedule a phone call or meeting with you.

Please email us at eCommerce@fischer.co.uk.