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Cordless impact wrench FSS 18V 600

The specialist for concrete screws in diameter 10-14.

The fischer cordless impact wrench 18V FSS 600 is perfectly matched to the installation of fischer concrete screws in diameters 10-14. The extremely high torque ensures fast work progress and is perfectly suited for demanding applications. With the aid of the accessories included in the fischer equipment case, such as various sockets and checking gauges, smooth assembly of the concrete screws is guaranteed.

Product Description

  • The fischer cordless impact wrench FSS is compatible with all Cordless Alliance System (CAS) chargers and rechargeable batteries worldwide.
  • The accessories supplied free of charge, sockets and checking gauges, enable smooth assembly and testing for reusability of the concrete screws.
  • The versatile fischer service concept offers a seamless repair process worldwide as well as the immediate procurement of a replacement unit.
  • The tools are delivered in the compatible L-Boxx, which can be connected by a click system.

Available Product Variants


Application and Permission

  • Anchoring of railings
  • Column bases
  • Pipeline routes
  • Canopies
  • Shelving systems
  • Steel-steel connections
  • Tyre changes

Assembly Instruction

  • The fischer cordless impact wrench is suitable for the installation of concrete screws in all diameters.
  • Depending on the head shape of the concrete screw, either an appropriate socket or a special Torx bit is recommended for the installation.
  • For optimum installation, the machine must be positioned horizontally to the screw.
  • The concrete screw is first screwed in and then tightened by the percussion mechanism.
  • If the screw head is in contact with the attachment part, correct assembly of the concrete screw with the cordless impact screwdriver is guaranteed (optical setting check).
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