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Repair pad for ripped plugs

Drill hole torn out or too big for the dowel in the wall? This is quickly remedied with the fischer drillholesaver. The repair fleece from fischer helps to fill up torn out boreholes so that they are ready for use again. Simply wrap the dowel with the damp pad and put it in the drill hole. Attach the torn object such as curtain rods, bathroom accessories, etc. to it. And it fits.

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  • paintable

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Application and Permission

Suitable for:
  • all building materials in combination with plastic dowels

Assembly Instruction

  • Remove dust from the drill hole.
  • Immerse a HOLE HERO pad into clean water.
  • Place the plug in the middle of the HOLE HERO pad and press it around the plug.
  • Push the wrapped plug into the faulty drill hole using a twisting motion. Make sure that the plug is sitting perfectly flush.
  • After a setting period of around 3-4 minutes, the plug can be loaded.
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