The better nail.

Ouch. Hit the finger with a hammer. Fortunately, there's the PICTURE CLAW. The alternative for the nail and the screw. The claw makes it possible to hang pictures, photos and canvases on the wall completely without large drill hole. This saves time. So even picture collages quickly find their place in the apartment. Also, light chains can be hung by the hook super simply on the wall. Simply pressed into the wall. Done! And all this without tools.

Product Description

  • mount quickly and easily
  • suitable for lightweight objects
  • easy to dismantle
  • leaves virtually no trace when removed
  • reusable

Available Product Variants

Application and Permission

For easy attachment on:
  • Gypsum plasterboard
  • plaster
  • soft wood

Assembly Instruction

  • Push the PICTURE CLAW into a suitable place on the wall using your thumbs.
  • Hang a picture on the hook - Done!
Mounting Strip 1 Picture
Mounting Strip 1 Picture
Mounting Strip 1 Picture