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Makes a wall become a magnet board.

As beautiful as the holiday was, it should be remembered for a long time. With the fischer MAGNETCLAW, your wall becomes magnetic. Simply pressed into the wall, the MAGNETCLAW with its strong magnetic cubes holds even thick postcards with ease. The alternative to the pinboard and refrigerator magnet. Pin your invitations, Polaroid pictures, shopping lists and flexible to the wall. Simply pressed into the wall. Magnet on it. Done! And all without tools.

Product Description

  • mount quickly and easily
  • suitable for lightweight objects
  • easy to dismantle
  • leaves virtually no trace when removed
  • reusable

Available Product Variants


Application and Permission

For easy attachment on:
  • Gypsum plasterboard
  • plaster
  • soft wood

Assembly Instruction

  • Push the MAGNET CLAW into a suitable place on the wall using your thumbs.
  • Fix postcards and the like to the MAGNET CLAW using the neodymium cube magnets - job done!
Mounting Picture
Mounting Picture
Mounting Picture