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Base plate GPL

Base plates GPL / GPS for dimensionally stable connections between the substrate and pipeline

The fischer base plates GPL/GPS enable a dimensionally stable connection between the substrate and pipeline with the help of the corresponding pipe clamps. The GPL is suitable for lightweight to medium-weight loads and the GPS version is suitable for heavy loads. The base plates can be mounted directly to the substrate or indirectly to the channel system FUS. The welded-on threaded sleeves in various sizes (M8 3/4") offer the appropriate nominal connection diameter for different loads. The galvanised zinc design is suitable for installations in buildings and the hot-dip galvanised and stainless steel designs are suitable for installations outside and in highly corrosive environments.

Product Description

  • The base plate´s slots allow easy alignment.
  • Material: steel DD11 (material no. 1.0332) acc. to DIN EN 10111
  • Zinc plating: electro zinc-plated, min. 8 µm

Available Product Variants


Application and Permission

  • Creation of dimensionally stable connections between the substrate and pipeline

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