fischer terrace screws

Safe. Stable. Durable. 

  1. Small countersunk head and underhead milling pockets for a clean and easy countersink of the screw. For an attractive and splinter-free terrace. 
  2. Tried and tested Power-Fast geometry Dual double-thread ensures also the propulsion in hard- and tropical woods and minimises the gap risk. 
  3. Very precise collaring and a fast bite because of a special thread that reaches into the screw tip. 
  4. Fixing thread for a solid and durable connection of the coat on the sub-structure. Prevents wood noises also in shrinking wood. The thread diameter of 5,5 mm makes the screw extremely stable and prevents a turning of the screw. 

Stainless steel ensures durability

Wooden terraces are weathered variations of temperature and humidity, as well as a direct effect of the weather; additionally, the tannic acid in the wood attacks the screw steel. Therefore, fischer terrace screws are made of austenitic, stainless steel: This ensures a lasting safety of your terrace fixing. 

The smaller the pH-value, the higher the acid content in the wood. If a screw resists this tannins, depends only on the steel grade. 


More power with the terrace screw Power-Fast!

The fischer terrace screws Power-Fast are perfectly suitable for lasting fixings in high-quality timber for terraces. 
The enlarged diameter of 5,5 mm offers a significant higher resistance against turning and the stress during swelling and shrinking of the wood. The rarely visible countersunk head ensures a aesthetic attractive terrace surface. 

Due to its fixing thread, the screw connects the board safe with the sub-structure and prevents the stepping out of the head during shrinking of the wood. At the same time, the stull covering will be fixed and wood noises under extreme stress will be avoided. The Power-Fast thread allows a screwing in the border area, without splitting the wood. Furthermore, the screw thread with the unique Power-Fast geometry ensures a good bite.