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Your advantages at a glance

  • The unique Power-Fast thread reaches up to the screw tip and ensures a fast bite. This makes installation simple and safe even with the large screw dimension used specifically for load-bearing timber constructions.
  • The shank ribs reduce drive-in resistance and thereby enable force and battery conservation in your work.
  • The high performance sliding coating reduces the friction and speeds the screw-in process up. 
  • The ETA approval guarantees the high safety standard and the premium quality of fischer Power-Fast screws
  1. Preserves the tool
    The extra deep bit fit ensures a safe hold of the screwdriver in cross recess PZ- and star socket TX drives. The Bit does not turn through anymore. 
  2. Clean results
    The undercut milling ribs ensure an easy countersink and an ideal surface finish.
  3. Protection against turning
    As a strengthened transition from the screw shank to the screw head, the double cone protects the screw from turning - especially for fixings in hard wood or steel parts.
  4. Force- and battery conservation
    The shank ribs decrease the screw-in resistance significantly.
  5. Preserves the wood
    The front double thread reduces the cleavage of the wood.
    At the same time, the middle double thread provides an unchecked propulsion of the screws
  6. Extremely fast
    Cutting notches and the Power-Fast high performance sliding coating reduce the friction effectively.
  7. Extremely fast bite
    The thread up to the tip guarantees a fast bite. 


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