fischer DUOTEC

The installation-friendly solution for high loads in board material.

Your advantages at a glance

  • The small drill-hole diameter enables the installation with a 10mm drill bit. 
  • The short toggle element simplifies the installation also in narrow cavities (≥ 40mm) and with mineral wool insulated cavities (≥ 50mm).
  • In drill holes with wood substructure, the fischer DUOTEC works also as an expansion plug.
  • The toggle element made of a combination of glass fibre reinforced plastic (hard/soft) creates an appreciably higher load perfomance and distribution of loads in board material than a conventional plastic solution,this increases load bearing capacity without damaging the gypsum plasterboard
  • The white fibre-glass reinforced plastic collar sleeve increases the shear load-bearing capacity and provides another plus in terms of safety. 
  • The flexible screw entry, made of stainless steel, enables the usage of chipboard screws and screws with a metric thread. 


Product Highlights

  1. Red grey glass fi bre- reinforced toggle element for high tensile loads.
  2. Metal skeleton insert for high loads in very load bearing panel building materials.
  3. Screw insert for function as expansion plug.
  4. Screw insert for function as toggle fixing.
  5. Anti rotation notches.
  6. Glass fibre-reinforced, slidable flange sleeve for higher shear loads.
  7. Release button allows for a quick installation of long screws.
  8. Grip strap with molded in teeth for pre-installation of toggle element and flange sleeve.
  9. Grip allows to feel for obstructions (e. g. cables, pipes etc.) in the cavity.
  10. Scale facilitates to determine the necessary screw length (scale value + 20 mm).

  fischer DUOTEC assortment


Functions fischer DUOTEC 10 and 12

Flexible screw insert allows for the use of wood, chipboard and metric screws and hooks.

Applications ficher DUOTEC 10 and 12