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fischer Metal drill bit HSS-R DIN338 8,0 x 75/117

High-performance metal twist drill bit

Art.-No. 530483
Top Features
  • High concentricity.
  • 118° tip angle for better heat removal.
  • Type N spiral for optimum chip removal.

Product Description

Metal drill bit made of robust HSS steel and in accordance with DIN 338, roll forged. The angle of the drill tip of 118° ensures better heat removal and a precise pilot drilling. Ideally suited for drilling in metal and steel.
  • Robust HSS steel in combination with the production according to DIN 338, provides a high breaking resistance.
  • Chisel edge with strong side edges, insensitive to lateral forces.
  • 118° tip angle for better heat removal and precise pilot drilling.
  • Type N spiral for optimum chip removal.

Application and Permission

For drilling in steel and other metals
  • Brass
  • Steel 900 N/mm²
  • Cast steel alloyed and unalloyed
  • Grey cast iron
  • Malleable cast iron
  • Sinter iron
  • Spheroidal graphite iron
  • Graphite
  • Bronze
  • Aluminium short chipping

Assembly Instruction


Technical Data

Technical Data

Drill diameter 8 [mm]
Total length 117 [mm]
Working length 75 [mm]
Contents 1
Packaging Blister card
Amount 1 [pcs.]
GTIN (EAN-Code) 4048962203233