Dispenser, battery operated

Battery-operated dispenser for injection cartridges

In the case of fixation systems with injection mortar, the two components are only mixed and activated during extrusion. To ensure a professional, energy-efficient, and material-saving installation, fischer offers this battery-operated dispenser for various cartridge shapes. They are ideal for filling multiple drill holes in series installations as well as deep drill holes such as those for rebar connections. The fast venting minimises cartridge after-run, which prevents the undesired escape of mortar after filling.

Product Description

  • The FIS DC S has a stepless speed control. This enables optimum adjustment in line with the processing conditions and ensures fast work progress.
  • The low-wear rack and pinion drive with automatic return prevents cartridge after-run, thus making it easier to work cleanly at the site.
  • Due to the ergonomically formed handle, the FIS DC S fits nicely in your hand and makes work less tiring.

Available Product Variants


Application and Permission

  • Energy-saving injection cartridge dispensing

Assembly Instruction

  • The cartridges are placed into the dispenser and are dispensed through the actuation of the release button.