The new 1992-4 standard makes the everyday work of structural engineers, planners and construction engineers significantly easier. You can find all of the key changes here!

EN 1992-4: What does the new standard mean for Construction Engineers?

30. July 2020

The new EN 1992-4 standard saves structural designers and constructors time during the design process and provides added transparency and safety for construction projects. “Because the design of various fixings systems and action categories is compiled in one main document, it makes the everyday work of structural engineers and engineers significantly easier”, Dr. Thilo Pregartner from the fixings specialist fischer is pleased to say.

Dr. Thilo Pregartner is the Head of Approvals and Technology Transfer at the fixings specialist fischer.
“The new eN 1992-4 standard for the design of fastenings in concrete increases the level of safety and transparency when designing fastenings”, says Dr. Thilo Pregartner.

Published in early 2019, the EN 1992-4 standard provides specific and all-encompassing regulation on the design of fastenings in concrete as Part 4 of Eurocode 2, replacing a multitude of old guidelines and technical reports – to the delight of many users. EN 1992-4 represents the latest standards in technology and applies across Europe to both the design of inserts and the design of post-installed fastenings, thereby covering a wide range of action categories. Nevertheless, the European Technical Assessments (ETA) remain the key document for design.

We have compiled all the necessary information on the five most important changes in EN 1992-4 in a short, clear and easy to understand overview in our white paper on “The importance of the new standard for the design of fastenings in concrete”. Construction engineers, structural engineers and planners will also find everything worth knowing about the CC method (the fundamentals of anchor design in concrete) and about fischer’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) service.

White paper “EN 1992-4”

For the first time there is a uniform standard that regulates the design of fastenings in concrete across Europe. EN 1992-4 is a key document that supersedes all previous design

guidelines for fastenings in concrete in Europe. But what does this mean for the everyday work of structural engineers, construction engineers and planners?

fischer’s new white paper provides answers to the key questions surrounding the new EN 1992-4 standard:

  • What are the 5 most important changes?
  • Has EN 1992-4 already been adopted by building authorities?
  • How do you approach calculations that were carried out before the new standard was introduced – and which now provide a different result under the new standard?
  • Which programmes provide standardised designs?

fischer’s experts answer these questions and many more in our free white paper.

Download the white paper free of charge now

Simple design software that features the new EN 1992-4 standard is essential for structural engineers, planners and construction engineers. fischer’s simple Fixperience design software is available free of charge and offers multiple features. Users are on the safe side and do not have to worry about whether the right design standard has been selected for the corresponding product. fischer Fixperience contains all the necessary information from the ETAs.

And in case of any questions, structural engineers, planners and construction engineers are welcome to contact the Technical Advice service.


Download the white paper free of charge now!

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