Two hands for four walls- CLEVER HANGING

04. September 2019

Tired of constantly having to borrow tools? Your neighbours, friends and parents will finally be left in peace because your hands will be the only tools you’ll need, replacing hammers, nails and drills. The motto is CLEVER HANGING. Try it for yourself.

Your boxes have been unpacked and the furniture has been placed in the right spots. It’s been hard work, but now those who helped you move have all left and you can try out the new sofa in peace. Then you glance up at the ceiling. Oh, something’s missing. The living room lamp. It must have been forgotten in all the chaos. How are you supposed to attach it to the ceiling without a drill or any other tools? What if you could simply hang the lamp to the ceiling with an easy-to-use adhesive hook without having to drill? With fischer’s everyday helpers from the NO TOOLS, JUST HANDS product range lamps, pictures, decorative signs, magnets, shopping lists and much more can be put in their designated places without any drilling.

CLEVER HANGING with fischer

Pictures, lamps, decorative signs, magnets for lecture timetables, shopping lists and much more can now be put in their designated places without having to drill. Thanks to the product range full of smart everyday helpers you will no longer have to rely on the tools and equipment of your neighbours, friends and parents. Whether they are light or heavy, simply glue, press or hang your objects from and to any surface, all without creating dusty drill holes, striking a power supply line or hitting your thumb with hammer. Let’s take a look at four examples of what you can use how and where.

Hanging pictures

You will need: The fischer PICTURE CLAW or MOUNTING STRIPS

Instead of hanging your pictures on the wall using a nail, you take the fischer PICTURE CLAW and press it into the wall. Then you take the picture and hang it from the hook. 20 seconds, that’s all it takes. It would have taken significantly longer just to look for a hammer and nails. The great thing about it is that you can easily remove the PICTURE CLAW almost without trace and reuse it in case you ever want to hang the picture somewhere else or if you move out. By the way, the claw also makes an excellent alternative key holder.

Hanging lamps without drilling

You will need: The fischer GLUING HOOK

Gluing lamps to the ceiling? Not a problem, thanks to the fischer adhesive hook. Its glue is so strong that it will easily hold your lamp. Attaching it couldn’t be easier: Dispense the glue on the reverse side, press the hook on to the ceiling, wait a moment and then connect the light before hanging the lamp, and the job is done. Attaching a lamp without drilling couldn’t be any easier. The GLUING HOOKS described above are designed for vertical use. If you are looking for a hook for hand towels or dish towels, then the SMART HANGING TOWEL PEG is the right choice for you. Press the hook to the wall and your towels will be safely held in place. The BATHROOM ADHESIVE meanwhile will help you install other bathroom accessories such as a hairdryer holder, a toilet roll holder, a shampoo holder for the shower or a vanity mirror. The options are super flexible.

Gluing decorative signs to the wall

You will need: the fischer MOUNTING STRIP or alternatively the MOUNTING TAPE

Do you like decorative signs made of tin with sayings and pictures on them as much as we do? Up until now you had to come up with a creative idea to hang them on a wall. In a worst-case scenario you would have had to drill and use a hammer and nails. Those times are over thanks to the fischer MOUNTING STRIP. Take the roll and tear off one or more strips and stick them to the wall, then press the signs on to the strip and it will hold immediately. It will also hold on all subsurfaces, whether it be wallpaper, kitchen tiles, the apartment door or outdoors on the balcony’s stone or concrete wall. The MOUNTIG STRIP works for pictures and other light objects. Simply pull on the object in order to remove it. It will neither tear off bits of wallpaper nor leave any residue on the subsurface.

Placing memos and everyday items

You will need: The fischer MAGNET CLAW

Off to the shops we go. Shoes on, jacket on, backpack in one hand and the other hand on the door. Stop – the shopping list is missing, it’s still in the kitchen. This doesn’t have to be the case. One solution is to press two or three MAGNET CLAWS into the wall in the hallway where you can pin things such as the shopping list, lecture timetables, tickets for an upcoming concert or postcards from your grandparents. They can be pushed into the wall just as easily as the PICTURE CLAW and can be removed without damage and barely any residue, if required. The MAGNET CLAW is also ideal for your desk, of course.

Kit yourself out in one go and be prepared for any situation

You won’t need craftsmanship skills or an extensive inventory of tools in your cellar. The new CLEVER HANGING products will help you out of any situation without requiring tools, while at the same time protecting your walls and ceilings. Your landlord will also be pleased about that. Kit yourself out in one go and enjoy your new, tool-free life.


With the products from the “CLEVER HANGING” segment, you can quickly hang pictures on the wall or attach towel rails – ALL WITHOUT TOOLS.