Tradespeople app: finding fixing materials on the go

07. December 2018

fischer Professional, the product finder with suitable offers from retailers. Always have the right fixings, screws, anchors, nails. Free assembly information.

Tradespeople app: finding fixing materials on the go

Have you always got the right anchors and screws with you on the building site? How often have you had to send someone to get hold of a special anchor or some other type of fixing material? Thanks to digitalisation, the fischer Professional app provides you with a mobile tool that will take you and your coworkers to the required product in no time at all.

But the app can do much more:

  • Product consultation with a configurator for the perfect solution
  • Barcode scanner for direct access to the knowledge database
  • Online catalogue with current products and all technical data
  • Local retailer search function for quick purchases without having to wait

Quickly finding the right fixing solution

Simply tell the tradespeople software’s product consultant which application you need something for and it will give you the most suitable product. This could be anything from a steel anchor, a frame fixing or a chemical heavy-duty fixing. And then? Simply look in the retailer search for a specialist dealer who sells the product.

Or use the easy option of directly ordering the products online through a fischer partner.

Assembly advice through a barcode scanner

Do you have a fischer product and want to know how and for what you can use it? Not a problem for the smart tradesperson. Grab your smart phone and simply scan the barcode using the fischer Professional App to search for existing products. It will immediately provide you with all the important information relating to the item – from technical data to its application. The contents will also tell you which tools and accessories you will require.  Extra supplies can be ordered online or you can find a nearby retailer who has the suitable fixings and installation systems in stock. An advantage that will also make itself noticed in terms of time saved.

Constantly updated online catalogue

You can find all the current products in the fischer Professional app for tradespeople. Learn about innovative new products that make your work easier, as well as about accessories such as bits, drills and chisels. With its clear structure and neat organisation into categories, the online catalogue is a treasure trove of knowledge that provides you with many advantages for your daily work.

Quick local retailer search by app

This function lets the tradespeople app direct you to the closest retailer who currently has the required construction materials in stock. The app supports you with all the information such as opening times and phone numbers, allowing you to work efficiently on the go.

With this wealth of information, it doesn’t matter whether you are in your usual environment or on a job. You can intuitively find accessories for structural work, plumbing, electrical and other applications while still on the building site.

The tradespeople app for fixing solutions

The app contains all the products that make the work of tradespeople like you easier, no matter whether you are a roofer, plumber or an electrician. The complete solutions consisting of mortar, anchors and sleeves are especially practical, which enable you to complete important tasks in the blink of an eye. Of course, the app will also display the individual components and all their specifications. The app can also tell you about the potential subsurface, the component dimensions and the installation types, so that you can find the right material for the existing conditions from the comfort of the building or the vehicle.

Just how helpful is the tradespeople app in the field? From experience, tradespeople have to make one or two unplanned supply runs per week as part of their work. This may not sound like much, but it can be a considerable inconvenience, even if you know where the closest building supplies store is and which aisle the materials are located in. Having to do so in another city is even more inconvenient. The tradespeople app makes the whole thing much easier: a single glance gives you all the information and certainty you need.

Tradespeople app: available for free in the Google Play Store

The current version of the fischer Professional App is free to download from the Google Play Store for devices with Android 5.0 or higher. fischer’s experience with all trades was put into the app’s development. It has been especially tailored towards professional tradespeople who want to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. fischer provides a comprehensive software set together with the Fixperience design software, the fischer plug finder app and fischer MORTAR-FIX as well as other software products for professional service providers. The aim is the highest level of precision and quality with the least hassle. Find the right product with just a click or tap!

The fischer Professional app was deliberately designed in a lean manner. Using it is easy, the options have been kept to the bare minimum. It contains everything you could need! Further features requested by the users are currently in development, such as a chat option and an iOS version. Just like the current version, these functions will also be available for free.

The tradespeople app by professionals for professionals

fischer is your point of contact when it comes to professional fixing solutions. fischer’s digital helpers and website advisors will support you in further improving your quality and efficiency, whether you’re in the office, on the building site or en route to the next job.

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Try it now – risk-free!

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