Tinkerers for the products of the future

28. March 2019

A developer who spends day and night quietly tinkering away on new products. Is this how the products of the future are developed? We asked Tobias Hirschle. As a Product Developer working with steel, he provided us with insights into his day to day work, his favourite product, and whether he comes into contact with his job during his spare time.

What do you do at fischer?

I’m a Product Developer. Every day I get to work on new ideas for the products of tomorrow. This is particularly exciting in the field of serial development steel because I don’t just sit in a quiet room and tinker away. Turning an idea into a successful product requires communicating with our production and technology departments, external regulatory institutes and with our customers, of course. I’m also the Project Manager for new development projects, which results in various tasks and interfaces. So I certainly don’t lack variety (laughs). This is what makes my job so exciting.

What are some of the trickiest tasks in your day to day work?

Selecting the best option for the customer out of the many different ideas. This involves trying out many different things, working away at it and experimenting until you end up with promising solutions. These ideas have been put through rigorous tests by various departments before resulting in a fischer product with the usual high quality. This makes it all the more exciting when an idea makes it to the production stage.

Is there a special product that you are particularly fond of?  

The bolt anchor product range! I’m impressed by what these systems can do. fischer developed a top-of-the-range product for cracked concrete with the FAZ II. We developed the world’s first bolt anchor with a cup nut and an ETA Option 1. I’m also especially proud of the FBN II, which I oversee. Our FBN II recently became the first bolt anchor that is approved for outdoor use in a hot-dip galvanised steel variant. I can’t give away too much, of course, but our new development projects include several highly exciting products (laughs).

fischer FAZ II: A product that inspires

In your opinion, what are the most important requirements of a developer’s job?

Being open to new ideas! You also need to be creative, as this is the only way to find new and innovative solutions. I get my inspiration from the most diverse places. You can find inspiration in daily situations, by giving thought to challenges in your spare time or by speaking to colleagues. Luckily, my team is very heterogenous when it comes to their skills and age, but also their experience. This combination constantly results in new approaches and ideas for new products or product improvements. Speaking to my team colleagues always brings me one step further. This job also requires social competence. We are well connected and in constant cooperation with other departments.

At the company headquarters in Tumlingen, the products are not only developed but also produced.

Is this structured way of working reflected in your spare time? Do you have any rituals at the end of your work day?

No (laughs), every evening is different. Some days I look forward to relaxing on my sofa and reading or listening to music. On other days I like to be active and go for a run or go for a tour in the beautiful Black Forest with my mountain bike. And of course I always enjoy meeting up with colleagues. Everyone working in our development department is young or young at heart, so you can usually find someone to join an activity (laughs) – and it never gets boring.

Bolt anchor FAZ II

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