he new Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium in London. fischer supplied the fixing solutions for the facade and the interior fitout as well as the mechanical and electrical systems.

The new Tottenham Stadium: fischer Products and Services for the Ultimate Construction

12. September 2019

Ajax Amsterdam already considered themselves to be in the Champions League Final. At half time, the hosts were leading 2-0 against the Tottenham Hotspurs. But Lucas Moura achieved the seemingly impossible: Within a matter of just five minutes, the Spur’s Brazilian star midfielder scored not once, but twice. Six minutes into extra time, the 27-year-old scored the winning goal with his weaker left foot, scoring the London team’s 3-2 victory in Amsterdam. 2019 is not only a memorable year for the club due to Moura’s flawless hattrick, with which he took his team into their first Champions League Final*: Just a few weeks earlier, on 3rd April, the new Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium opened in London. fischer was involved from the very beginning and helped make the dream of England’s most innovative arena come true with the right fixing solutions, expertise and consulting.
* Liverpool F.C. beat the Tottenham Hotspurs 2-0 in the 2019 Champions League Final.

A technical feat: The new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The new home of the Spurs is setting the standard for stadium construction: It features a football pitch that can be retracted beneath the stands, an NFL pitch that is situated beneath the football field, Europe’s longest bar and England’s largest single-tier stand that holds 17,500 spectators. The sound is overwhelming when the fans start chanting “When the Spurs go marching in“. Due to the specific acoustic requirements and the height of the ceilings, all of the walls required deflection heads. “They were installed with what was at the time our brand new ULTRACUT FBS II concrete screw. This was the first time we sold this product in the UK, the ULTRACUT FBS II was new to fischer and was used in the Tottenham Stadium immediately after the product launched”, Dave Minton happily states. He is the Key Technical Sales Director for fischer in Great Britain and is responsible for large-scale projects such as the construction of the new Tottenham Stadium. “We were then the primary supplier for the mechanical and electrical fitout and we also took a major part within the interior fitout of the stadium”. In addition to the ULTRACUT FBS II concrete screws, fischer’s hammerset anchors EA II were also used to install sprinkler systems, cable trays and the like.

The new Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium in London. fischer supplied the fixing solutions for the facade and the interior fitout as well as the mechanical and electrical systems.
Tottenham Hotspurs have been playing at their new stadium in London since April 2019. fischer supplied the fixing solutions for the facade and the interior fitout as well as the mechanical and electrical systems.

fischer includes service in its delivery

“We beat the competition when it came to the installation of the facade because we saved the customer costs”, Dave Minton says. “It’s not necessarily about having the cheapest products, but rather recognising and solving issues as early on as possible through our advice and saving time on installation”. The designers had only allowed for through bolts to be used in the design despite the fact that calculations showed that there were dynamic loads in certain areas. “During the design phase we immediately realised that a through bolt would not work and so we advised the customer to use a dynamic anchor instead. They ultimately opted for our Highbond anchor FHB II”. If the facade had been installed with the wrong fixings, the customer would have had to take the facade back off and reinstall it. This would have resulted in significant downtime.

Installers at a free training session to increase productivity held by fischer.
fischer provided training for all installers free of charge in order to increase productivity on site.

“Having the most innovative and efficient products is important. But the service surrounding the product is just as important to ensuring the project is completed on time”, Minton says. “In the UK we work to a standard called BS 8539 for safety-critical and structural fixings. Any installer of this type of fixing must be trained according to this approval, otherwise the manufacturer must go back and carry out testing on five per cent of all fixings”. fischer therefore offered training for all installers free of charge during the construction of the stadium. “Our project team would be on site in the morning and the training was completed by the afternoon”, Minton reports. After that, the fischer team only returned to the site intermittently to check that everything was going well. “We ensured that the anchors were installed correctly from the start rather than having to correct potential mistakes later on. This significantly reduces downtime on the site”.

The service surrounding the product is important to ensuring the project is completed on time.

fischer’s success story continues

“It was a prestigious job for us to be involved in the construction of the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium”, Minton reports in conclusion. “Apart from Wembley Stadium there’s nothing else like it in the UK”. The project has already had a positive impact: “Together with several other contractors we have now been awarded the contract for the new Google head office building in London.” The fixing specialist fischer is now supplying the mechanical and electrical contractor on this project.

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