Small rooms, big style

26. September 2018

A square metre costs 17.50 euro in Munich, and 12.30 euro in Stuttgart: This is the average basic rent as calculated by popular comparison portals. Many city dwellers live in confined spaces due to high rent prices. Smart furnishing tricks help to make living spaces appear bigger. Inhabitants can make the most out of every single square metre by attaching furniture and home accessories to the wall.

Attaching furniture and accessories to walls

Anyone who has stashed all their belongings in a van during a move will know how spacious rooms appear once they are empty. If enough furniture and home accessories are attached to the wall rather than taking up floorspace, inhabitants can achieve a similar effect in their furnished home. The room’s volume is therefore used to its full extent. A floor that is visible all the way to the corners of the room also gives the optical appearance of a larger living space. Wall cupboards and wall shelves replace bulky media storage units in the living room. They are also indispensable as storage space in kitchens and bathrooms.

Dining room

A large dining table is fantastic. But an extendable table that is attached to the wall is just as inviting to friends and family. Those who lack space can opt for a foldable variety when it comes to dining chairs, which become a comfortable alternative by adding a few good chair cushions.

The main challenge in the kitchen is to store as many devices, utensils and crockery in as little space as possible. The shelves should be inserted individually to enable the cupboard’s storage space to be utilised in the best possible manner. Individual glass doors can also tastefully draw attention to selected glassware or other decorative elements.

Living room

The following rule can help when it comes to the living room: Aesthetic items are placed on the shelf, while the rest can be stored in cupboards. Unappealing items can therefore be stashed away behind closed doors. In contrast, glass elements combined with the right lighting can place beloved items in the spotlight.

Room dividers provide privacy and comfort in smaller rooms. Using a shelf as a room divider provides additional storage space, while the use of curtains can have a sound insulating effect.


Space needs to be used in an optimal manner in the bathroom of all places. Rental apartments in particular do not provide the possibility of changing the size of the shower, bathtub or sink. If a laundry bag is no longer a required, a foldable variant can be stored in a cupboard. All bathroom fixing tips can be found here.

Miscellaneous tips

Thanks to fixings every single niche can be utilised. Inhabitants can create extra storage space for placing household utensils, containers or boxes underneath stairs by using shelves, for example.

Clear floors make rooms appear large and airy – which benefits both small city apartments and larger rooms.

Small rooms can also show their true grandeur through certain colours and materials: Brightness, glass, windows and mirrors are the be-all and end-all. Multifunctional furniture such as benches with slide-out drawers or sofa beds are also excellent choices. However, it is always important that the few square metres are decorated with plenty of individuality.

By following a few tips, wall fixings can take full advantage of the room’s height and a clever selection of furnishings can make small rooms have a big impact.

The right fixing

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