On the safe track through Copenhagen

03. May 2019

It’s a project of epic proportions: The city of Copenhagen is increasing the size of its existing metro system by two-thirds with the construction of the new “Cityringen” metro ring. Modern fixing technology is securing the railway equipment, fire protection systems, signalling technology, service ducts, wall cladding and much more.

Almost 65 million passengers are already using the Copenhagen metro network every year, according to the owner and operator Metroselskabet I/S. Meanwhile, there is a high influx of new inhabitants to the Danish capital. This requires new transport solutions; a major topic that not only affects Copenhagen. In future, 1.6 billion cars will be on the streets worldwide, which will signify a gridlock for many cities. The city of Curitiba in Brazil already began to coordinate its urban planning and traffic in a targeted manner in the 1960s. Copenhagen’s solution is the new Cityringen, which has been under construction since 2011. Two tunnels each with a diameter of 5.78 m and a length of 15.5 km were drilled through the Copenhagen sandstone at a depth of 25m beneath the surface for the underground express train system. The result: the Danish Parliament, the City Hall, important national monuments, the central railway station and other central areas of the city will be connected to one another. The driverless underground trains will transport up to 240,000 passengers around the clock every day.

The building contractor’s project budget is around 3 bn Euro

With over 300 subcontractors the Cityringen is one of Europe’s largest metro construction projects. The fischer Group of Companies is also involved in the project, supplying numerous fixing and installation systems for both temporary and permanent fixings and installations while providing support during their on-site installation. The tunnel construction consists of concrete and reinforced concrete as well as prefabricated segments as the load-bearing structure. fischer fixing systems provide a firm hold to the railway equipment, waterproofing installations, the signalling equipment and the fire protection systems.

Numerous fischer solutions used for fixing and installation purposes

The fixing and installation systems are made out of high-grade materials such as stainless and non-corrosive steel and are resistant against fire, seismic influences as well as dynamic and impact loads. Marco Cannone, Project Manager for international construction projects at fischer Italy, is heavily involved in the project. “We convinced the contracting authority with our broad range of products and suitable solutions for all fixing tasks in the tunnel in addition to our special single-source solutions tailored to the project and the client”, he is convinced. He continues: “Our comprehensive range of services including measurements and calculations of suitable fixing, installation and facade systems as well as our provision of on-site support through training sessions and installation support also won over the planners and operators”.

fischer provides on-site training and support in addition to products

Temporary channels, cables and pipes for ventilation, lighting and the supply and disposal of water in the Cityringen were installed using the fischer nail anchor FNA II and the concrete screw FBS in accordance with the corresponding load requirements. The FNA II also attaches the drainage pipe together with the pre-drilled LB metal strips to the concrete slab of the railway itself. This prevents the pipe from moving from its original position when filling the section with cement.

The fischer bolt anchor FAZ II and FBN II as well as the nail anchor FNA II were used for the electrical installations in the Cityringen. Empty cable conduits or heavy cable runs can be safely and permanently anchored with the fixings, therefore covering all load requirements. A fischer channel fixing system is being used in order to install tracks to  railway sleepers. The fischer injection mortar FIS EM is being used in combination with the threaded rod FIS A to attach the conductor rail (3rd rail), safely transferring the high loads into the fixing substrate even if the drill hole is shallow. Undercut anchors and substructures by fischer ACT were used in order to mount the facade cladding in the stations with natural stone and hand-made bricks. The system is suitable for claddings made out of any type of material.

Use of fire and corrosion-resistant products

fischer installation systems safely attach and guide the pipes and cables and are resistant to fire and corrosion. The epoxy resin FCS is additionally used to fill holes and gaps in concrete surfaces. The entire fischer Firestop System was also implemented. The wide range of solutions for passive fire protection helps minimise the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gasses.

A total of 42 kilometres of tunnel along with 24 modern metro stations will be built under Copenhagen under the direction of Metroselskabet. Including a tram project on the outskirts of Copenhagen, more than 50 metro and city stations are set to be opened between 2019 – 2024.

Bolt anchor FAZ II

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