Gluing is the new drilling | Avoid drill holes with fischer

20. September 2019

fischer’s NO TOOLS, JUST HANDS products protect walls and ceilings while saving time, effort and storage space. The 320 KILO GRAB with a final strength of 320 kilogrammes per 10 square centimetres helps make the home aesthetic and functional without drilling – just by gluing.

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Finally, a few days off! Time to tackle the odd DIY job. Off to the building supplies store with the whole family to finally find some new laminate. Everyone soon agrees on a replacement for the old flooring. Time to load the laminate and skirting board into the car and get to work. Everyone lends a hand, and so the laminate is soon laid thanks to the click system.

The only thing that’s missing is the skirting board. Luckily, nobody forgot to pick up some construction adhesive from the store. This allows the skirting boards to be attached quickly and easily – even late on a Sunday without disturbing the neighbours! This is because the adhesive doesn’t require hammering nails into the wall or using noisy drills.

The skirting boards can now be glued to the wall without a hitch. Simply apply the glue and press the boards to the wall – that’s it. No need for nails that keep falling out of the wall, and no need for a noisy drill that drops dust and dirt onto the new laminate. The 320 KILO GRAB from fischer’s new NO TOOLS, JUST HANDS product range does what it says, and can be used for more than just skirting boards. All you need in order to use the product is your own two hands – that’s it. The job is done within a minute or two. Simply give the glue a bit of time to dry – and done. This also means that the days of having to buy expensive tools at the DIY store or borrow them from friends and neighbours are over.

The only thing you need apart from the glue is your hands

One of the other advantages is that if the landlord has asked you to avoid drilling into walls and ceilings then that’s no longer an issue. Plus, you can still make your rooms look lovely, whether it’s the hallway, living room, bedroom or even the kitchen. Even a spice rack in the kitchen or a Blu-ray shelf in the living room can be installed through gluing instead of drilling.

The 320 KILO GRAB: strong initial tack and final strength

When it comes to the fischer adhesive, you don’t have to worry that the object you’ve just glued to the wall will come crashing down one day. The 320 KILO GRAB delivers impressive results with its strong initial tack and final strength. It can hold as much as 120 kilogrammes per square metre during initial application before it has set (initial tack). Once it has set, the performance increases to 320 kilogrammes per 10 square centimetres (final strength). In other words: You can pull and tear at it as much as you want – the attached part will stick in place.

You must wait a maximum of 24 hours for the glue to set and be able to hold 320 kilogrammes per 10 square centimetres. If you want to glue a heavy solid wood coat rack to the wall above the skirting board, then you can already hang your heavy winter coats up the very next day. The 320 KILO GRAB from the NO TOOLS JUST HANDS range is available as an 80 ml tube and as a practical 200 ml press pack at DIY stores as well as online through fischer retail partners.

The amount of glue required depends on the quantity and size of the parts. Large, heavy objects will of course require a bit more glue than small and light ones. The appropriate applicator enables the clean and economic use of the adhesive.

Glue onto almost any surface with high-quality results

Overall, you will avoid having to purchase expensive tools, and you can create quick solutions for many situations with results that are just as high-quality as conventional approaches. Here’s how: Once you press the mounting part to the wall with the glue, the adhesive penetrates the surface and connects to it. The mounting part and the wall or ceiling should be absorbent. fischer’s 320 KILO GRAB is therefore ideal for use on chipboard panels, PVC and rigid plastics, masonry, stone, wood, metal and concrete, painted surfaces as well as plaster and wallpaper.

Advantages of the 320 KILO GRAB

  • Gluing is the new drilling: You can decorate and attach mounting parts to your heart’s desire – your walls and ceilings will remain intact. Your landlord will also be pleased.
  • Able to hold heavy loads: Because the 320 KILO GRAB can hold up to 320 kilogrammes per 10 square centimetres, you can even glue heavy parts to the wall without having to worry about them coming off.
  • Easy to use: Turn over the attachment part, apply the glue, press the part to the wall, let the glue dry, and you’re done. No noisy drills, no dust, and no damage to the walls and ceilings.

Clever tricks to remove glued-on items

The 320 KILO GRAB can be painted with synthetic and water-based paints, is solvent-free and does not corrode metal. If you eventually want to or have to move out, then it is just as easy to remove the part as it is to attach it. How easy it is to remove the adhesive part from the wall depends on two factors: The subsurface and the size of the attached object.

As a rule of thumb, small objects such as key holders are easier to remove than large coat racks. The subsurface also plays an important role. It is easier to remove the adhesive from a smooth tile than from old woodchip wallpaper. The glue can be heated with a hairdryer to remove it. This will soften the glue and allow it to be carefully scraped off using a trowel. You can try to remove the object from solid subsurfaces by carefully rotating it. Glue residue or small damages to the subsurface cannot be avoided entirely. Adhesive residue can easily be painted over with synthetic and water-based paints. The best way to avoid damaging the subsurface is by testing how easy it is to remove the adhesive from the surface with a small object before gluing on larger items.

More products from the “NO TOOLS, JUST HANDS” range

The 320 KILO GRAB is just one part of the new product range. Want to securely attach something heavy such as a solid coat rack or a skirting board to the wall? Then you should opt for our 320 KILO GRAB. If you want to repair something or hang lighter objects then we also have the right products for you.

Have a look at the various different fischer products and stock up on the latest everyday practical helper. Find them in your nearest DIY market or at one of our online partners.

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