fischer Professional App – A Product Based on Customer Feedback

7. May 2020

A world without smartphones in unimaginable in this day and age. According to an estimate by the Statista Digital Market Outlook, there were 65 million smartphone users in Germany alone in early 2019. This figure is expected to rise to more than 69 million by 2023. In comparison, there are expected to be as many as 286 million smartphone users in the United States by 2023, and over 868 million users in China, with no end in sight to this development.

Germany’s five million tradespeople also frequently use mobiles on the construction site. Smart phones are often used for assignments, notes or queries. The fischer Professional App was developed in order to create added value in the thick of the action. The App Specialist Marc Klunzinger from fischer’s Digital Services department explains what led to the idea for the app and what exactly it can do.

“We gain a hundred users per month”

Mr Klunzinger, what led to the idea for the Professional App?

Marc Klunzinger: Our customers expressed a specific desire to have fast, digital access to important product information on individual fixing solutions. At the same time, customers also needed to be able to flexibly and independently solve fixing issues on the construction site.

Who came up with the final idea?

Marc Klunzinger: It was the result of a continuous customer exchange, so it was a product of a constructive dialogue.

Who subsequently programmed the app?  

Marc Klunzinger: The Professional App is an in-house development and was finetuned to tradespeoples‘ requirements.

And when was the app ultimately launched?

Marc Klunzinger: Following multiple in-house tests and optimisation cycles, the Professional App was initially launched in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store in autumn 2018.

Sounds promising. Does this mean the classic catalogue is a thing of the past?

Marc Klunzinger: To us, the classic catalogue is just as important as the app. We consider the application solution to be more of a digital option for our customers. The app provides assistance when they don’t have the catalogue at hand and vice versa.

How has the app been received?

Marc Klunzinger: The number of users is currently growing at a rapid pace. We gain hundreds of users each month in almost every country where the app is available.

Marc Klunzinger

Marc Klunzinger has been working for fischer since April 2019. Upon completing an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration, he completed a business information dual education course at an IT system house. He previously developed apps as an add-on to well-known ERP solutions for the trade before joining the company.

One app – many advantages

Which group of customers uses the Professional App the most?

Marc Klunzinger: The app is primarily used by people who use fischer products for planning and installation purposes. It is therefore mostly used for construction applications and by other trades related to the industry.

What does fischer hope to get from the app?  

Marc Klunzinger: Happy customers are the key to our success and the app is one of our many services which we provide to our customers.

At a glance: The features of fischer’s Professional App

  • Product adviser: The product adviser with an intuitive design allows users to quickly find the right fixing material on the go!
  • Barcode scanner: Every fischer product contains a barcode on its packaging. The app lets you scan the code for fast access to all of the product’s technical information and details.
  • Online catalogue: Here you will find every fischer product with up-to-date technical details at a glance. There is also a product search filter for your own individual requirements.
  • Retailer search: Whether you’re at home or on the construction site: The on-site integrated retailer search shows you where to get the fischer product for your fixing task. The additional filter function lets you make a quick purchase without having to drive around.
  • News: Get all the latest information on fischer, such as product information or company highlights.
  • Live chat: Directly get in touch with fischer’s experts in Application Engineering via the live chat function.

You can also take a look at all of the app’s functions in our video.

Continuous Optimisation

The fischer Professional App is continuously optimised with added functions based on user behaviour. The product search feature was recently improved based on user’s search behaviour, for instance. Users can now also compile their most frequently used features in a tile area on the dashboard, tailoring it according to their own wishes. The most frequently used features are now displayed on the dashboard upon launching the app and can be accessed at the touch of a button, such as the fixings adviser, which suggests the most suitable fixing solutions upon entering common parameters. The app then displays nearby retailers or online stores where users can purchase the respective product.

Increased customer value

What’s in store for the app’s future development?  

Marc Klunzinger: There will soon be a web version of the product adviser. The mortar calculator will soon also be integrated as one of the features of the Professional App and will replace the previous MortarFix App in the second half of 2020. There are continuous improvements to all parts of the app, so it is worth updating it regularly!

Where and how to try out the app

There are both Android and iOS versions of the  Professional App. It can easily be found and installed on smartphones by entering “fischer Professional” in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.


Downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and from the Apple App Store.

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