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30. August 2019

Sustainability and protecting the environment are becoming increasingly important to people. Purchasing sustainable products isn’t always easy, but this isn’t the case when it comes to fixing systems. fischer’s Greenline provides a green anchor solution made primarily of renewable resources.

The fischer Greenline range

Are you familiar with our grey fischer plastic anchors? It has been around for several decades and is available in various sizes and variants for different applications – and it will continue to be available in future. The grey product range is now being expanded by a green variant: A bio-based fixing system that places the emphasis on sustainability during renovations or constructions. The Greenline range is made out of at least 50% renewable raw materials. Castor oil extracted from the seeds of the castor-bean plant forms the basis for the synthetic components. Castor-bean plants do not compete with food, animal feed or with the appropriate crop areas. The fischer Greenline products are now available at DIY and specialist retailers.

Identical performance level

Opting for the green variant does not mean you have to compromise on safety. Its performance level is identical to the grey originals. We carried out a pull-out test at our academy to test whether the two variants really do perform the same.

We first installed the anchors in concrete in order to carry out the pull-out test. We recommend a maximum load of 1.5 kN, which corresponds to 150 kg. We tested both the grey and the green version of the UX with a load of 1.5 kN using our pull-out device. The result: the green synthetic anchors bear the same performance characteristics and load-bearing characteristics as the grey originals. Our Greenline can be used on the construction site or at home without hesitation and achieves the same load level as its grey sibling, while being equally durable.

Did you know?

According to the load table we recommend a load of 150 kg for our UX plug, which corresponds to 1.5 kN. This means that when you use this product at home or on the construction site then it will carry the indicated load at least. The plug is in fact capable of carrying more than the recommended load, but users are often uncertain about the consistency of their concrete ceilings and walls or masonry. Our anchors therefore feature an additional safety factor that provides the highest level of safety and ensures that the anchor does exactly what it says.

“Active environmental management is our contribution to ensuring that we and our future generations can still enjoy an intact environment. This has been laid down in our mission statement and is more than paying lip service. We’ve never seen environmental protection as something ordered from above, but instead as our contribution to preserving nature. This means we are aware of our responsibility when it comes to using energy, primaries and auxiliary materials – and have been for a long time.” Klaus Fischer.

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