Behind the scenes: How fischer develops chemical fixing systems “Made in Germany”

At fischer, developing a new product involves teamwork.

We previously introduced our Plastics Business Unit and the developers at fischer Italia in our “Behind the Scenes” series. This time, we take a look at fischer’s chemical fixing systems. In southwest Baden-Württemberg’s town of Denzlingen, fischer develops and manufactures chemical fixing solutions for extreme applications across the entire globe – from subtropical climates in […]

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Behind the scenes: Visiting the developers at fischer Italia

Developers observing a fastening solution simulation on a screen.

In the first part of our ‘Behind the Scenes’ series we had a look behind the scenes of fischerwerke with Rainer Fischer, Head of the Plastics Business Unit. But in order to develop innovative fastening solutions, we don’t just tinker, design and test in Germany. Michele Martini and his team at fischer Italia create innovative […]

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Earthquake-resistant construction

Our expert answers your questions submitted during the OnlineSeminar

Earthquakes can have disastrous effects on natural and built surroundings, which is why buildings must be made earthquake resistant. The formation and design of fastenings under seismic load is regulated by EN 1992-4, among others. Prof. Dr. Eng. Jan Hofmann talks about earthquake-resistant construction and outlines the effects on fastenings in our OnlineSeminar. Here we […]

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Masonry: Questions from our OnlineSeminar

Our academy trainer talks about fixings in masonry.

Versatile, flexible and the perfect counterpart to structural concrete. Masonry is without a doubt one of the structural all-rounders. But planning, designing and implementing anchors in masonry occasionally creates its own challenges. We addressed this construction material in our OnlineSeminar series and provide answers to participants’ questions below.

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EN 1992-4: What does the new standard mean for Construction Engineers?

The new 1992-4 standard makes the everyday work of structural engineers, planners and construction engineers significantly easier. You can find all of the key changes here!

The new EN 1992-4 standard saves structural designers and constructors time during the design process and provides added transparency and safety for construction projects. “Because the design of various fixings systems and action categories is compiled in one main document, it makes the everyday work of structural engineers and engineers significantly easier”, Dr. Thilo Pregartner […]

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The advantages of BIM put into practice – whether in a factory hall or tunnel

A massive wood and steel construction spans 50 metres across an enormous factory hall without a single support at the centre of the room makes an impressive sight! And also a challenge when it comes to installing ventilation and cable systems. “It’s almost impossible without a BIM model”, says Jan Popma, Technical Manager for the […]

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fischer Professional App – A Product Based on Customer Feedback

A world without smartphones in unimaginable in this day and age. According to an estimate by the Statista Digital Market Outlook, there were 65 million smartphone users in Germany alone in early 2019. This figure is expected to rise to more than 69 million by 2023. In comparison, there are expected to be as many […]

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No such thing as impossible: fischer technology’s most extreme areas of application

The water is ice cold with zero visibility. When the research diver Markus Brand places fixings he is usually located up to ten metres below the sea surface. 36 tetrapods (concrete blocks weighing six tonnes) were sank in the North Sea off the coast of Heligoland, for instance. Various high-sensitivity sensors and metal sample receptacles […]

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“Sustainability is a real competitive advantage for us”

Are we capable of reducing our dependency on finite, oil-based raw materials? Can screws be manufactured using fewer materials while maintaining the same functions? And what do employees require in order to develop product innovations? Christian Ziegler deals with questions such as these on a daily basis. He works in the International Production Network for […]

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Finding the right fixing all around the world with fischer FIXPERIENCE!

A construction engineer does calculations with the fischer FIXPERIENCE design software.

One large-scale construction project is underway in Beijing, another has started in Dubai. Both projects require a steel construction to be connected to a concrete foundation. The civil engineer knows which cutting force to expect and must now calculate the right anchoring. The structural analysis programme won’t get them far, however. fischer offers its complimentary […]

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