Behind the scenes: How fischer developed the sealing plug for wet areas.

Almost every tradesperson will be familiar with this problem: Drilling through tiles or joints in wet areas can be tricky, and not just because tiles may break. The problem lies behind the tiles and in the wall itself. After all, a single, poorly sealed drill hole can cause water to penetrate the wall. As a […]

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Behind the scenes: Visiting the developers at fischer Italia

Developers observing a fastening solution simulation on a screen.

In the first part of our ‘Behind the Scenes’ series we had a look behind the scenes of fischerwerke with Rainer Fischer, Head of the Plastics Business Unit. But in order to develop innovative fastening solutions, we don’t just tinker, design and test in Germany. Michele Martini and his team at fischer Italia create innovative […]

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The 5 most common fixings mistakes

8. Oktober 2020 Do-It-Yourselfer

DIY (do it yourself) is on trend. Crafting your own decorations, revamping the garden with a homemade lounger or making stylish industrial-style lamps is becoming increasingly popular. But be careful when it comes to safety-relevant fixings. We list the most common application mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Privacy fences and sun shields: Tips for a garden staycation

25. August 2020 Do-It-Yourselfer

Lots of people will be spending the summer at home after the coronavirus pandemic put an end to their original holiday plans. But green spots around the home can also provide space for relaxation. All you need is some protection against the elements, noise, and inquisitive glances, in which case fences, sun sails or marquees […]

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Setting up a workspace at home: Tips for the home office

17. Juli 2020 Do-It-Yourselfer

A better balance between work and private life, no commuting – there are many advantages to working remotely in your home office. The topic has become increasingly relevant due to the coronavirus pandemic. Time to set up a long-term workspace at home that provides room for a break.

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Behind the scenes: Developing the fischer products of the future

fischer achieved a breakthrough on the fixings market with the grey S-plug, which was patented in 1958. The classic expansion plug has proven to be successful in its field to this day. But modern fastening technology has since gone much further, and fischer provides a fitting solution for any user, construction material or requirement. And […]

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Safely installing indoor swings

29. Mai 2020 Do-It-Yourselfer

A swing within your own four walls No problem! Indoor swings provide plenty of action and allow children to reach new heights at home. Secure fastenings and the right installation are particularly important.

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Safely install flower boxes and climbing trellises

29. April 2020 Do-It-Yourselfer

Many of us are currently wondering how to effectively use our time at home. Why not let your balcony or terrace blossom? Flowers, herbs and climbers make for a fresh and green atmosphere, but attaching flower boxes and trellises safely is important. Read on to find out how to safely install flower boxes and climbing […]

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How to build a terrace roof in six steps

Stefan new terrace roof.

Anyone can install a modern, stable and high-quality terrace roof, but it does require a bit of preparation. Stefan, a master carpenter and fischer’s Technical Trainer, gives a step-by-step guide on how to build a high-quality roof and what to be aware of.

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A bivouac in Nepal: Like something from another planet

Emergency shelter at an altitude of 5080 metres: The David Lama bivouac offers shelter to locals and climbers in Nepal’s Rolwaling region. Copyright: Stefan Voitl

Like a spaceship that just happened to land here, in the midst of nowhere – that’s how surreal the sight of the David Lama bivouac is. And it is surreal, in a way. Built by people who came to Nepal from another world in 2019 in order to set up the first emergency bivouac in […]

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