Power-Fast II: No loose screws – guaranteed

21. September 2020 Craftsmen
Carpenters screwing together chipboard

A faster bite, improved packaging, even higher maximum loads: fischer has launched its all-round upgraded chipboard screw that offers numerous advantages to tradespeople with the Power-Fast II. During our interview, Ralf Bäuerle from fischer’s international product management spoke about the screw’s advantages, the customer feedback that was incorporated into its development and why it required […]

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The fascinating world of wood – a sustainable construction material with many advantages

10. September 2020 Craftsmen

Wood is a fascinating natural resource. It can be used for homes, furniture, paper, as a heat source and for many more purposes. Because trees regrow naturally and merely require solar energy, wood is highly sustainable. These advantages and the fact that trees emit oxygen during their growth phase while absorbing the harmful carbon dioxide […]

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“To me, forestry isn’t a career – it’s my calling”

04. September 2020 Company Craftsmen
The forester Ferdinand Schorpp in his territory – the Waldachtal forest.

Forests have always been immensely important to humans, animals and plants. They provide a habitat and a place for relaxation; they influence the climate and are also important to the economy. These alone are reasons enough to make forest protection a high priority. Ferdinand Schorpp nurtures and maintains the forest surrounding Waldachtal, not far from […]

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Masonry – fascinating from the coping to the sole plate

30. July 2020 Craftsmen
A tradesman preparing to install heavy loads on a masonry subsurface using injection mortar.

Versatile, flexible and the perfect counterpart to structural concrete. Masonry is without a doubt one of the structural all-rounders. The solid construction material gives planners and tradespeople plenty of leeway in terms of design and aesthetics in addition to the physical construction properties. These properties have not gone unnoticed by potential builders. Unlike in the […]

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Behind the scenes: Developing the fischer products of the future

fischer achieved a breakthrough on the fixings market with the grey S-plug, which was patented in 1958. The classic expansion plug has proven to be successful in its field to this day. But modern fastening technology has since gone much further, and fischer provides a fitting solution for any user, construction material or requirement. And […]

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How to build a terrace roof in six steps

Stefan new terrace roof.

Anyone can install a modern, stable and high-quality terrace roof, but it does require a bit of preparation. Stefan, a master carpenter and fischer’s Technical Trainer, gives a step-by-step guide on how to build a high-quality roof and what to be aware of.

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Double beams: Comparing the performance

26. February 2020 Craftsmen
Two men screw

Ceiling loads can increase when buildings are converted, for instance when a dance studio is installed above an apartment. The existing ceiling beams should be preserved and reinforced using the most effective solution while also being as non-invasive as possible. The installation height should also be kept as low as possible so as not to […]

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A bivouac in Nepal: Like something from another planet

Emergency shelter at an altitude of 5080 metres: The David Lama bivouac offers shelter to locals and climbers in Nepal’s Rolwaling region. Copyright: Stefan Voitl

Like a spaceship that just happened to land here, in the midst of nowhere – that’s how surreal the sight of the David Lama bivouac is. And it is surreal, in a way. Built by people who came to Nepal from another world in 2019 in order to set up the first emergency bivouac in […]

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No such thing as impossible: fischer technology’s most extreme areas of application

The water is ice cold with zero visibility. When the research diver Markus Brand places fixings he is usually located up to ten metres below the sea surface. 36 tetrapods (concrete blocks weighing six tonnes) were sank in the North Sea off the coast of Heligoland, for instance. Various high-sensitivity sensors and metal sample receptacles […]

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The specialists for concrete screws

20. December 2019 Craftsmen

Technical jobs in the workshop or on the construction site require the right tools. An impact wrench is a must-have and belongs in every well-stocked tool kit. What should a good impact wrench be capable of doing? We took a look.

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