An Interview on Technical Building Equipment Solutions

13. June 2019

Technical building equipment often presents a challenge to planners and tradespeople: What is the ideal solution for conduits and pipes for drinking water, ventilation, heating, cooling water, data and electrical cables, for compressed air, technical gasses, extracted air, or process liquids? fischer offers a flexible, secure and economic solution with its installation systems. Our Application Engineer Armin Baur provides an insight.

What are the fischer installation systems?

fischer is mostly known for being a renowned anchor manufacturer. But we also offer additional plumbing, heating, ventilation and electrical fixing options as well as other fixings for buildings. Our installation systems are suitable for light, medium and heavy piping systems.

What types of buildings are the systems suitable for?

We offer a variety of products that help securely attach pipes in buildings. And a range of different variations are possible, ranging from small single-family houses and large office buildings all the way through to industrial applications that require larger, heavier pipes to be installed. Our range of products comprises many items which allow for flexible uses, which is much-needed because no two projects are the same. There are always new challenges when installing components, and conditions on buildings sites are different every time. On the one hand we have the structural conditions, which are always different. On the other hand there are issues such as corrosion prevention that need to be taken into account, which is why our systems also come in hot-dip galvanised variants. We also offer regular zinc-plated products that are sufficient for indoor use.

What makes these systems so special?

In addition to our products we also offer competent support during the planning and execution of projects. The service doesn’t end once the product is sold, we also offer services including construction dimensioning, creating technical drawings and support with BIM (Building Information Modelling), which we also offer products for. This allows us to equip large-scale projects with our products, enabling their quick installation. Our systems are also contained in the Fixperience Suite, which features a module called Install Fix.  The fischer FIXPERIENCE design software suite is designed for planners, structural engineers and tradespeople who want to design their projects in a safe and reliable manner. The software consists of various models for the simple calculation of plugs, anchors, screws and post-installed rebar connects. It allows the static measurement of all our products, including as CAD or BIM files. We offer this service across the globe.

Did you know?

A massive channel system FMS for heavy installations will soon be available. Constructions using the fischer massive channel system FMS create a fixing base for dynamic loads, making the system universally applicable – with easy handling thanks to the reduced weight. This allows on-site installation without preassembly when combined with the product range consisting of profiles and construction elements. The fischer light channel system for light loads and the fischer universal channel system FUS for the installation of medium to heavy installations have already been launched successfully.

The fixing solutions made of zinc-plated, hot-dip galvanised and stainless steel are suitable for light, medium and heavy pipe systems. The range of products consists of channels, pipe clamps, fix points, gliding elements, ventilation fixings, fixings on steel construction elements and a comprehensive range of installation accessories.

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