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“This wall will never see me again”

The steep approach to Poncione d’Alnasca (pictured left). The exhausted climbers take a break (pictured right).

Day 1, Poncione d’Alnasca in the Swiss canton of Ticino The weather is good towards the end of April. The temperature is a balmy 20 degrees when Robin Theurer, an employee in the cold working department of the fixing specialist fischer, approaches the bivouac from the Verzasca valley with his friends Jörg and Sebastian. Approximately […]

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Startup ambience at an SME

24. July 2019 Company

A structured day at work where you can expect what the day will entail? This isn’t the case for Dominik Treber, a Developer at fischer’s in-house startup for direct fixings. During our interview he told us how he balances being an “odd-job man“ and developing cost-optimised serial products.

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Earthquake-resistant construction

We spoke to fischer Application Engineer Oliver Ernst about Earthquake-resistant construction

It is difficult to anticipate when and where a strong earthquake will occur, which is why it is better to take precautions in order to protect yourself. Collapsing houses and structures present the greatest dangers during an earthquake. In addition to various methods, anchors can help buildings withstand the tremors. We spoke to fischer Application […]

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Safe installations in plasterboard

15. July 2019 Do-It-Yourselfer
A man fixing in plasterboard with a special wall plug.

Drywall has become indispensable to interior construction. Special anchors are required for installations in this type of construction material. Below we will show you how to save time and money with fixings in plasterboard while ensuring a secure hold.

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How to: Mounting DIY shelves

09. July 2019 Do-It-Yourselfer

Shelves are excellent: they provide added storage space while looking stylish. DIY shelves are especially popular at the moment. But apartments or houses often lack storage space. Attaching furniture and living accessories to the wall saves room while creating additional storage space.

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Futuristic building extension with support from fischer

KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin: View of the seemingly floating stairway made of glass and exposed concrete.

“Normally projects such as these proceed very differently”, Jochen Burbach chuckles. “We are usually involved much earlier on – we know what to expect and can plan accordingly”, says the 41-year-old Manager for the fixing specialist fischer. But this time things were different. The former KINDL beer brewery was set to be turned into a […]

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An Interview on Technical Building Equipment Solutions

13. June 2019 Craftsmen

Technical building equipment often presents a challenge to planners and tradespeople: What is the ideal solution for conduits and pipes for drinking water, ventilation, heating, cooling water, data and electrical cables, for compressed air, technical gasses, extracted air, or process liquids? fischer offers a flexible, secure and economic solution with its installation systems. Our Application […]

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La Grande Arche – Facade construction par excellence

The 110-metre high multi-storey office building La Grande Arche de la Fraternité in Puteaux, west of Paris.

Heat, frost, moisture and air pollution – the passage of time affects even the most impressive buildings. “High wind loads and rain have also caused visible traces of wear and dirt to the facade of the multi-storey office building La Grande Arche in Paris”, says Steven-Henrik Maier, Market Manager France for the fixings specialist fischer […]

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The perfect summer? We’ve got it covered – safely install shade sails and marquees

14. May 2019 Do-It-Yourselfer

When ice cream parlours, parks and open-air pools are overrun, patios and balconies provide a welcome outdoor retreat. Marquees and shade sails offer protection from the heat and blinding light. Shade covers should however be installed correctly for the sake of your own safety.

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On the safe track through Copenhagen

It’s a project of epic proportions: The city of Copenhagen is increasing the size of its existing metro system by two-thirds with the construction of the new “Cityringen” metro ring. Modern fixing technology is securing the railway equipment, fire protection systems, signalling technology, service ducts, wall cladding and much more.

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Achieving increased load-bearing capacity in wooden beams in one minute

11. April 2019 Craftsmen

A wooden beam is a thing of beauty. It’s a natural product that can be used almost anywhere. But this construction material can also cause issues. In wood construction, components subjected to transverse compression, transverse load and shear load, such as in a coped girder support, represent critical points in the construction. We therefore provide […]

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“As you can see, you can’t see anything!”

We check back again and again. But nothing has happened for over 40 years. We measure, examine and test, but there haven’t been any changes. The anchor simply hasn’t budged during our long-term test at our headquarters in Waldachtal. Read on to find out why a standstill isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Everything you need to know before installing a hanging chair

02. April 2019 Do-It-Yourselfer

Vivid colours, brighter light, fresh air: springtime makes you want to try out something new and make a change. It’s time to bring out the garden furniture. Hammock chairs are especially popular. Gently swaying back and forth while enjoying the fresh spring air – the piece of furniture was made for this. Hanging chairs are […]

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Tinkerers for the products of the future

28. March 2019 Company

A developer who spends day and night quietly tinkering away on new products. Is this how the products of the future are developed? We asked Tobias Hirschle. As a Product Developer working with steel, he provided us with insights into his day to day work, his favourite product, and whether he comes into contact with […]

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“I learn something new every time”

15. March 2019 Company
Head Chef Franky Gissinger (r.) and Michelin-starred Chef Harald Wohlfahrt present February’s fischer gourmet dish.

We meet Franky Gissinger just after 2 pm. The Head Chef seems relaxed – despite the fact that the big lunch rush in the fischer staff canteen only ended 30 minutes ago. “Everything went well, and the employees enjoyed the food”, the 48-year-old says with satisfaction.

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Room for something new: fixings in gypsum plasterboard

28. February 2019 Do-It-Yourselfer

If there are new additions to the family or the older ones are moving out, this often means there are changes in store. After all, living and lodging signifies changes. Partitions can create new rooms or redesign spaces that have been freed up. Choosing the right anchor is crucial for ensuring that furniture and living […]

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The hollow drill: making drilling cleaner and more efficient

01. February 2019 Craftsmen

There are grants for dust protection through hollow drills with integrated vacuum holes, and for good reason: protecting health and saving time.

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Tradespeople app: finding fixing materials on the go

07. December 2018 Craftsmen

fischer Professional, the product finder with suitable offers from retailers. Always have the right fixings, screws, anchors, nails. Free assembly information.

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En route to solutions for the future

05. December 2018 Company

Sustainability is a trending topic: be it in the world of travel, shopping or cooking, the topic of sustainability is everywhere. According to a survey by the GfK market research institute, 88 per cent of those surveyed had heard of sustainability. An island in the North Sea and a company in the Black Forest demonstrate […]

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Home gyms: the right fixings

23. November 2018 Do-It-Yourselfer

Falling temperatures are often accompanied by a fall in motivation to drive to the gym or to train outdoors. A home gym is just the thing in these conditions. Just a few pieces of equipment are enough to enable you to train at home just as effectively as you would at the gym. However, anyone […]

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